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Memorial Day FlagsThe National Association of Chiefs of Police has served Americans with tips on self protection, home security, vehicle safety, rape prevention, as well as providing assistance to police families and law enforcement agencies. These programs are supported through the generosity of donors and members nationwide. The Family Fund for Paralyzed and Disabled Police Officers, a program of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, provides educational scholarships and medical reimbursement grants to officers who have been permanently disabled in the line of duty. The fund also provides assistance to the children of disabled officers by awarding Summer Camp Grants as well as sending birthday and Christmas gifts each year until the age of 17. Young adults, ages 18 and older, are eligible to receive educational scholarships. The NACOP K-9 Placement program provides funding for dogs to police departments across the country. Additionally we assist with training, equipment and supply costs for these dogs.

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Throughout the year there are various projects that provide opportunities for volunteers. Thousands of hours have been given by individuals and groups throughout the United States to help families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty as well as to educate families about safety and crime prevention issues.

Volunteers commonly help with the following:

Police Memorial Day
Family Fun Day
Toy Drives
Gift Wrapping
Letters of Condolence

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